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"TV has sound but no picture" We strip screens and fit new backlights

TV has sound but no picture....

Some repair companies will not entertain stripping of screens to repair and replace back light LED's. This means they quote for entire screens, so the TV is deemed a 'write off'.

We repair and replace back lights, we can strip, repair and rebuild the screen - which means our service to extended warranty and insurance companies is viable and sustainable.

Sometimes LEDs overheat and burn. Burn up's are fairly commonplace. We have seen worse cases than pictured, albeit the burn-up has always been confined to the inside of the screen.

Typical LED failure causing patchy picture. Note some LEDs have turned blue. We are seeing increasing amounts of TV's with predominately blue pictures. We replace with new strips.

Strips are also known as LED bars.

For certain TV's where replacement strips are not available we will fit new LED's onto existing strips. We use high thermal transfer tape to re-attach strips providing excellent heat transfer away from the component, thus increasing lifespan.

A typical LED strip replacement in progress.

We usually find once the picture is restored that the back light intensity is set to maximum! We try to discourage the end user from running at 100% - Running at 70% significantly increases the lifespan of the back light LED's, whilst providing a wholesome picture.

For extended life, we always reduce back light intensity before releasing the TV.

LCD panel stripped out of TV housing

Backlight array

New parts

One LED is dim - We will fit new strips so the TV is reliable, preventing repeat call outs.

Testing LED's

Screen stripped.

Showing many LEDs failed.

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