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"ReTrieV is part of Viditron, a company which began life in 1981.
We have always favoured repair and reuse and continue to do so to this day."

We carry out repairs, restoration and modification to TV | Video & Audio of all types and ages. 

Many electronic items are needlessly recycled, although to keep things simpler we wish to focus on TVs.

Our sustainable repair and reuse anti-recycling campaign helps you get the most out of your product with the least impact on the environment. You may believe recycling is the best way to dispose of your unwanted TV. Not true. When TV's are recycled toxins are released into the earth and atmosphere....

....Non-recyclable parts go to landfill. Replacement TV's are produced causing further pollution in the manufacturing processes. If, like us, you care about the environment, don't take your old or broken TV to the tip. Instead let us help with our ultimate environmentally friendly solution. 
Why not have your TV repaired?
Maybe your TV works but you don't want it anymore?
Or your TV is not working and you'd rather not have it repaired?
Is the screen smashed? If so, we can take it off your hands.

So if you're thinking on taking your TV to the tip - STOP there! Instead, let us ensure it is reused.

Repair | Replenish | Restore | Reuse | Reduce

Recycling should always be the last resort!

Our options & Services are explained - they are listed in the drop down menu and in the links below


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