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Insurance claim assessment and reports

reTrieV offers managed services to insurance companies.


We save insurance and extended warranty companies money by finding the most economical resolve. We will always favour repair over replacement thus keeping your costs to a minimum.  We provide a damage assessment and repair management service for insurers when they receive insurance claims. 

We have over 35 years experience in the servicing and repair of consumer electronics together with a comprehensive understanding of insurance assessment procedures for accidental, lightning or power outage/disruption damage.

The services we provide are flexible and efficient and supported fully by our Nationwide network of professional technicians and assessors.

We are able to offer a versatile and independent service to you and your customers as follows:

  • visit customers to assess the extent of damage, its cause and the feasibility of repair (where economical we regard it to be of paramount importance to repair rather than advise replacement of an item,) saving insurance companies money whilst preventing pollution from un-necessary scrapage and recycling

  • provide a full and detailed written report of the above to you and your customers, including estimates of all associated and alternative costs

  • repair where agreed and restore, where possible, to pre-accident condition

  • offer a replacement and installation service if required

  • dispose of items beyond repair if required at no extra charge

As we are and our trusted partners are  independent our costs are very competitive when compared to multi-national organisations or companies tied to them. We are also able to offer PAT (portable appliance testing) certificates where required. 

Our tailored service is guaranteed to comply with FCA requirements and promote the spirit of treating the client fairly.  We are fully covered for public liability. For more information please contact your nearest partner.

Repair | Recover | Restore | Reuse | Reduce 

Recycling and Replacing should always be the last resort!

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