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Review & Rework | testing | reporting | QA

Review | We offer a professional review service - We will function & features test | safety test | ascertain value for money | written and media reports available.

Rework | With over 20 years experience in the QA and Rework sectors, reTrieV's services were first used on a production line where a vital rework to a dangerous electrical recall was completed. We completed some 8030 units which were reworked and then fully tested before being redistributed.  Following this, we were routinely used by the 'Kingfisher Group' for the multi-national electrical products retailer Comet Plc. 

We frequently undertook stringent product testing contracts at Comet’s purpose built laboratory complex in Corby, Northamptonshire. Our work formed what was part of the Comet commitment to ensuring that their customers were buying Quality Assured, reliable equipment and that a very low returns rate was achieved. 

reTrieV are always interested in providing QA work and/or reworks of electronic equipment.


For Northants area please contact us direct at


If these or similar services are sought elsewhere, please visit our partners page 

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