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Reduce | For physically damaged screens


Sadly most TVs with damaged screens will be beyond economical repair. 

If you have household contents insurance, you may be able to claim for a new TV.  Your insurance company may require a damage report which we can prepare for you.

If you don't have insurance or you'd rather not make a claim, we recommend using a dedicated TV waste management company that accepts broken screen TVs.   

This company will harvest as many parts and resell them so non-working TVs with intact screens can be viably repaired using boards from your broken screen TV.

By ensuring the useful parts are reused, they prevent the whole TV from being recycled, thus reducing waste, whilst increasing rates of repair and reuse.

Repair | Replenish | Restore | Reuse | Reduce  
Recycling should always be the very last resort!

* TV's built before 2007, are best recycled at your local tip

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