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 As an electronics reuse company, we hear - "TV's can't be fixed, can they?" or "You just throw them away and buy a new one, don't you?" 


reTrieV would like to show that TV's are usually worth repairing and a repair will save you money.

Repair is of paramount importance to us - we increase the lifecycle of home electronics, preventing premature recycling wherever possible.

Our sustainable repair, reuse and responsible recycling campaign helps you get the most out of your product with the least impact on the environment.

You may believe visiting your local tip is the best way to dispose of your TV for recycling. Not true. When TV's are recycled toxins are released into the earth and atmosphere. Non-recyclable parts go to landfill. Replacement TVs are produced causing further pollution in the manufacturing processes. If, like us, you care about the environment don't take your TV to the tip. Instead think about a repair.

Repairs are usually cheaper than you imagine. We never suggest a repair if we don’t think it's viable.

Our Northants' HQ will provide ‘pre-repair’ diagnostic where, in most cases, a maximum cost is agreed before works commence, therefore ensuring that you have control of the repair fee. Opting to repair instead of replace is a much cheaper, and far greener option over buying new, and for your peace of mind all repairs come with a warranty.  

If your mind's made up and you don't want a repair, check out our reuse and recycling options. 


Note: Terms on booking-in and quoting may vary according to area, please refer to our partner's website for your area and contact them for more details      

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