Our options are designed to reduce pollution   

  • Reset and Retune ​| a reset & retune might be all your TV needs.


  • Repair | a repair may be cheaper than you think.

  • Reuse | for unwanted working TV's | your old TV is refurbished and reused.

  • Repair and Reuse | for non-working TV's | your old TV is repaired and reused.

  • Replace and Reuse | if you buy a new TV make sure your old one is reused.

  • Repurpose | up-cycling | for hobbyists | crafters and designers.

  • Report | insurance reports for accidental damage claims.

  • Recycle | the last resort.

Services | 

  • Receive | aerial | satellite installation | wall brackets | CCTV | alarm | data comms' | & more...

  • Review and Rework | electrical | electronic QA review | testing & rework solutions for businesses.

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T&C's |

  • Services will differ slightly depending on area.

  • We reserve the right to refuse to make an offer for your TV.

  • *There maybe a small charge for collection if out of our area but we want to ensure you don’t part with any cash

  • ”Our area” (radius from base, will vary depending on our partners terms.)




Options | "the 11 R's"

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Repair | Replenish | Restore | Reuse | Reduce

“Recycling should always be the LAST resort!"